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Secondary steels for Offshore foundations

Extreme working conditions at sea require careful design solutions, super strong structures, and assemblies.

Secondary steels for Offshore foundations, J-Tubes Finow


We boast experience in manufacturing offshore assemblies and structures using special materials and best practices: standard and high carbon steels, special alloys, such as Duplex, Super Duplex, and clad materials.

Quality and reliability are our top priorities to meet strict offshore requirements.

The individual components

  • Bellmouths
  • Bracings
  • Cans and cones
  • Conductor guides
  • Foundation legs
  • J-tubes and S-tubes
  • Pile sleeves
  • Pin piles
  • Platform sections
  • Spud poles
  • Tubulars, etc.
The individual components of secondary steels for offshore foundations

Geometrical conditions

geometrical conditions secondary steels for offshore foundation Finow

1,220 mm

max outside diameter

120 mm

max wall thickness

steel types

martensitic chrome, vanadium alloyed Cr-Mo, austenitic, nickel-based alloys, Duplex steel

4,500 t

max capacity per annum

Manufacturing steps of secondary steels for offshore foundations production

Manufacturing steps

  1. Engineering
  2. Prefabricating straight sections
  3. Plasma cutting
  4. Inductive bending
  5. Cold bending
  6. Heat treatment
  7. Welding
  8. Non-destructive testing (VT, MT, PT, RT, and UT) and destructive testing (an in-house laboratory)
  9. Documentation

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Secondary steels for Offshore foundations in Finow