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We offer high-end engineering solutions

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Drawing on our technical knowledge and many years of experience, we offer comprehensive engineering solutions and provide further support, also we advise customers on engineering and technical support and supply of key components.

Finow is a reliable partner ensuring the smooth implementation of engineering projects, including the stages of basic detailed engineering, carrying out all necessary types of calculations, and providing supervisory services at the equipment manufacturer's site, during its installation and commissioning.

Scope of services

To implement your projects in engineering we offer:

Boilers design

  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Aerodynamic calculation
  • Hydraulic calculation

Steel structures design

  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Static & dynamic analysis
  • Stacks design

Piping design

  • 3D Routing
  • Stress analysis
  • Hangers and supports design
  • Static & dynamic calculations
Engineering services Finow

Additional services

Supervision & Consulting

  • Supervision during manufacturing and construction
  • Consulting and personnel training

Are you interested in the product?

We are ready to develop an individual product in-house to meet your most stringent demands.
engineering Finow