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Rely on the quality of in-house production

At our production facilities, we build and check piping systems and components for the chemical and petrochemical industry and plant construction.
The quality of our prefabrication is in demand for power plant construction projects throughout Europe. With our equipment and many years of business experience, we meet all market requirements.

Special purpose nodes and modules for aggressive materials with high pressure, temperature, and chemical activity designed and manufactured in Germany: Finow’s specialized equipment shapes efficiency worldwide

Finow has well-developed competencies in induction bending and welding procedures for pipe elements using all materials that are standard and applicable in power plants, chemical plants, and gas, oil, or metallurgy industries.

With decades of experience, well-trained staff, comprehensive services, and top-notch quality management, Finow is a competent partner for its clients in challenging projects for industrial and plant construction, power generation piping, and customized solutions.

With modern technological equipment for induction and cold bending, heat treatment, cutting, welding, and mechanical processing tasks, we are ready to meet any demands from our clients.

  • chemical
  • metallurgical
  • oil refining
  • thermal power station
  • fertilizers
  • waste incineration
  • natural gas liquefaction

Our products

Boiler &
Pressure parts

Highest-quality prefabrication

Generating high temperatures for boiling processes in a secure and managed way. Finow manufactures special fittings for special purposes. These include pipe flares (collectors) and flared tees.

Boiler & Pressure parts Finow

Heat exchanger

High-tech solutions

Our heat exchange units are designed to meet a wide range of requirements, ensuring that you enjoy the best heat exchanger for your needs. This way, we give our clients the fairest quotes possible and continue our mission of helping society with our efficient heat exchangers.

Heat exchanger Finow

Waste Heat Boilers for Nitric Acid Plants

Highest energy efficiency

Finow manufactures heating surfaces and complete pressure parts for NH3 waste heat boilers to process steam extraction in the chemical and agrochemical industries.

Waste heat boiler for Nitric acid plants Finow

Modules and Skid fabrication

High-pressure piping requires high-quality manufacturing processes 

Ready-to-connect modules for the gas, oil, and chemical industries. Individual frame designs tailored to our clients’ needs. 

Modules and Skid fabrication Finow

Secondary Steels for Offshore Foundations and J-Tubes

At the forefront of the global energy revolution

Large-scale frame constructions and assemblies of fastening wind generators for offshore operation.

Secondary steels for Offshore foundations, J-Tubes Finow

Individual products

Your best-fit solutions are at Finow

Individual frames and support structures.

Engineering Finow

List of services

inductive bending

Induction bending

The central part of HP spool prefabrication is induction bending on our bending machines—Cojafex-PB-Special and Cojafex 1200 R—to bend pipes without molds, ring beams, or inner cones.
cold bending

Cold bending

Cold bent elbows from Finow are shaped parts to be welded. We manufacture them as elbows with long sides using seamless pipes. Their shape offers advantages compared to the well-known weld-in elbows. Also, we deliver elbows with specific dimensions for maintenance and repair purposes


A CNC plasma cutting plant covers the entire range of pipe-cutting tasks such as pipe lengths, weld edge preparation, nozzle cutouts, and saddle curves, which are often performed in a single machining operation. Finow has five different pipe-cutting systems in total at its fabrication facility.
heat treatment

Heat treatment

We manufacture our products using high-grade materials according to technical standards. Further heat treatments such as normalization can be carried out on request. To ensure that the material features are optimal, we have two program-controlled car bottom annealing furnaces heated by natural gas and with various dimensions and temperatures.


Our core expertise is induction bending and welding piping elements. Finow is approved as an expert welding company in line with DIN 18 800 by SLV Berlin-Brandenburg.

Non-destructive and destructive testing (own laboratory)

Work zones get checked for changes in wall thickness and inner defects using ultrasonic testing. Surfaces get checked for cracks using dye penetration or magnetic particle testing. Non-destructive material testing is available on request.