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Providing power plant solutions since 1893

Engineering and manufacturing of piping systems.

Finow manufactures piping systems and components for power plants, the oil & gas industry, offshore wind farms, pipelines, and the construction industry at its production facilities in Eberswalde.

Our history

The takeover of FINOW Rohrsysteme GmbH by Technoenergy AG Construction of a new glass bead blasting shop.
The "skeleton" for the spectacular roofing of the main square of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai comes from our production.
Manufacture of J-Pipes & Grout system pipes for 56 jacket foundations of the Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind farm in Oersted.
Our products reach all five continents with the completion of the Yarwun ORICA project in Australia.
Induction bending for the "Leiding over Noord" project, which will supply Rotterdam and two smaller cities with the waste heat from a large waste incineration power plant.
First production of modules (skids) for the gas inlet station of the Nord Stream pipeline.
Opening of the new production line for medium and low pressure pipe systems with CNC controlled plasma cutting and submerged arc welding systems. Commissioning of the new Union CNC plate boring machine.
Commissioning of the new bogie hearth annealing furnace and the new outdoor storage area (7000 m²) with tower crane.
Receipt of important major orders for the European power plant construction program, 4x convoy EoN 1100 MW and 4x convoy Hitachi 800 MW for the production of the four most important high-pressure systems (HP steam, HRH, CRH and feed water).
Takeover of Finow Rohrleitungssystem- und Appartebau Serviceleistungs GmbH by Kraftanlagen München GmbH and expansion of the existing production area through extensive construction work.
Commissioning of a new Cojafex 1200 R inductive bending machine up to a max. outer tube diameter of 1220 mm, all technological requirements from the new power plant construction program in Germany are thus fulfilled. The new machine is the largest and most efficient system of its kind in Germany.

Production of the first bypass flaps for the new generation of gas turbines with exhaust gas temperatures of up to 700°C and production of the first corner tube boiler.
First major order for the complete manufacture of all high-pressure pipe systems for a supercritical power plant in Poland (Lagiza).
First major order for the manufacture and delivery of all high-pressure pipe systems for a coal-fired power plant in Vietnam (Uong Bi).
Start of the production of boiler components for NH3 waste heat boilers (spiral heating surfaces).
Founding of Finow Rohrleitungssystem- und Appartebau Serviceleistungs GmbH with the business areas of inductive bending and ready-to-install pipeline systems as well as the manufacture of large fittings.
Start of large valve production.
Takeover of the company by the Treuhandanstalt and founding of Finow Rohrleitungs- und Apparatebau GmbH (FRAB) in 1991.
Launch of the inductive bending process with commissioning of the Cojafex PB Special, production of multiple bends up to a maximum of 440 mm outer tube diameter.
Deployment of the automated CO2 welding process for high-alloy tubular steel.
Construction of another production hall for processing austenitic materials for nuclear facilities.
Start of weld-on bend production up to NW 600 (hot production according to the Hamburg Bending Process using inductive heating), final expansion of the third press line.
Construction of a new production hall and commissioning of the new cold tube bending shop, production of cold tube bends up to DN 500.
Specialization in high-pressure piping systems and construction of fittings for high-pressure components.
Resumption of production and manufacture of piping for the power plants and chemical industry.
Expropriation and transfer to a state-owned company.
Takeover of Seiffert AG by Mannesmann Rohrenwerke.
Use of arc welding in production.
Large order for project planning and delivery of all pipelines for the Berlin large-scale power plant in Klingenberg (3 x 80 MW).
Expansion of the infrastructure (including rail connection) and introduction of new technological processes, including welding technology. Expansion of the product range (fittings production) and rapid increase of the export share.
Completion of the company expansion through the commissioning of its own power plant as well as a Bessemer bulb, cupola furnace and graduation tower. Start of industrial prefabrication of piping systems and elements.
Conversion of the company into a public limited company.
Acquisition of an iron foundry in Finowtal by Franz Seiffert and founding of a manufacturing company, establishment of a pipe foundry and boiler forge and trading under the name "Franz Seiffert Co. Machine Works, Iron Foundry and Boiler Forge - special manufacture of pipelines for high pressure".
Founding of Franz Seiffert & Co. as an engineering office in Berlin.

Projects map

We base our spool prefabrication on the most modern and efficient cutting and jointing technology. For over a hundred years, we have been providing solutions for power-generating plants worldwide.