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Piping Spool prefabrication for nuclear power plants

Safely and thoroughly managed high pressure and temperature up to +600 °C between the steam generator and the turbine, including the area of the primary coolant system.

Piping Spool prefabrication for nuclear power plants Finow


Main pipelines that connect individual units of the NPP and auxiliary elements of various parameters (pressure and temperature) and purpose. Depending on the transported medium (water, steam, steam-water mixture, or air), the radioactivity level, and the workload of pipeline systems (continuous or periodic), we develop the corresponding working design documentation (WDC) before manufacturing.

The company manufactures and delivers pipelines from seamless and welded pipes, forgings, and sheet steel. All pipelines with a temperature of the transported medium above 45°C must have thermal insulation. More critical pipelines have a metal sheathing (sheet aluminum or galvanized steel).
A large number of piping systems with multiple or three-dimensional bends to minimize the welds required.

The individual components

  • Main pipelines that interconnect NPP individual units
  • Pipelines in the main circulation circuit
  • Auxiliary reactor circuits
  • Active slurry pipelines
  • Feed and condensate
  • Steam pipelines and drainage
  • High-pressure internal & external piping
  • Steam generator piping
  • Boiler piping systems
  • Primary coolant systems
The individual components of piping spool prefabrication equipment

Geometrical conditions

Geometrical conditions of Piping Spool prefabrication for nuclear power plants

1,220 mm

max. outside diameter

120 mm

max wall thickness

4,500 t

max capacity per annum

Manufacturing steps of piping spool prefabrication

Manufacturing steps

  1. Engineering
  2. Prefabricating straight sections
  3. Inductive bendings
  4. Cold bendings
  5. Heat treatment
  6. Welding
  7. Non-destructive testing (VT, MT, PT, RT, and UT) and destructive testing (an in-house laboratory)
  8. Documentation

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