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Waste heat boiler for Nitric acid plants

Heating surfaces and complete pressure parts for NH3 waste heat boilers to ensure successful steam extraction.

Waste heat boiler for Nitric acid plants Finow


Preventing waste generation at source, reducing, reusing, recycling, energy recovery, and disposal has become one of the biggest environmental problems of these days. For sure, everyone needs to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly way using the best available techniques.

There are many opportunities for heat recovery in steam systems, including economizers, waste heat boilers (WHB), heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), absorption chillers, steam thermocompression, separation, and reuse of flash steam, boiler blowdown, steam-fired water heating, etc.

The individual components

  • Waste heat boilers
  • Heating surface coils
  • Transfer Lineі
  • Evaporator Heating Surfaces
  • Heating Surface Bundles
  • Burning elements
  • Wall-mounted coils
The individual components of waste heat boiler

Geometrical conditions

geometrical conditions of waste heat boiler

1,220 mm

max. outside diameter

120 mm

max wall thickness

1,500 °C

max temperature

160 bar

max pressure

waste heat manufacturing steps

Manufacturing steps

  1. Engineering
  2. Prefabricating straight sections
  3. Inductive bending
  4. Cold bending
  5. Heat treatment
  6. Welding
  7. Non-destructive testing (VT, MT, PT, RT, and UT) and destructive testing (an in-house laboratory)
  8. Documentation

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