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Piping spool prefabrication for thermal power plants

Pipelines used in thermal power engineering are intended for the transportation of hot water and steam.

Piping spool prefabrication for thermal power plants


The requirements for pipelines in the thermal energy sector are stricter because they are designed for the transportation of medium with even higher parameters compared to Nuclear PP pipelines. To manufacture pipes for thermal generation purposes, we use both traditional and modern specialized heat-resistant types of steel.

We manufacture pipelines for TPPs according to domestic and international standards and using seamless and welded pipes, sheet steel, and steel forgings from carbon, low-alloy, and stainless steel grades as per EN, DIN, ASTM, and ASME standards.

The individual components

  • Straight pipes with welded ends
  • Bent pipes with the R/Do ratio of > 3 (R — bending radius, mm, Do — pipe outer diameter, mm)
  • Sharply bent pipes with the R/Do ratio of 1.4–3
  • Elbows without straight sections with ratio the R/Do of 1–2
  • Branches (tees) and forks stamped (turned), forged, welded (equal and transitional), with an elongated neck
  • Stamped, welded, forged, and turned reducers
  • Stamped, turned, flanged, flat, and elliptical plugs
  • Collar and flat flanges
  • Welded-in orifice devices and flow meters
  • Nozzles, bosses, plugs, etc.
The individual components of piping spool prefabrication equipment

Geometrical conditions

Geometrical conditions of piping spool prefabrication equipment

1,220 mm

max. outside diameter

120 mm

max wall thickness

4,500 t

max capacity per annum

Manufacturing steps of piping spool prefabrication for thermal power plants

Manufacturing steps

  1. Engineering
  2. Prefabricating straight sections
  3. Plasma cutting
  4. Inductive bending
  5. Cold bending
  6. Heat treatment
  7. Welding
  8. Non-destructive testing (VT, MT, PT, RT, and UT) and destructive testing (an in-house laboratory)
  9. Documentation

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